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by SamXero • |
by rs_japan • | | 0 comments
We are a performance parts manufacture in Japan. Maybe you might know us as RRP brand. Please visit us to and waiting for your inquiry to rgds T. Takagi Director
by DaRn • | | 5 comments
Salam Serantau Kepada SCB.. Saya Darn a.k.a Rashdan a.k.a Abg Api dari KL Swifter Memandu ZC21 Tahun 2009 Semoga Perhubungan SCB & KLS berkekalan InsyaAllah
by meor6666 • | | 4 comments
Assalamualaikum SCB...!! My name is Meor Azamudin a.k.a meor6666 from KLSwifter, Malaysia....Ive met SamXero & Dika when they was in KL somewhere in September 2012 if i not mistaken and dalam gambar ni is my car.... ...
by Dika Danish • | | 1 comment
Hi...My name is Dika. Joined the SCB on late 2010 and owned the Swift since 2007.
by FidzAli • | | 1 comment
Hi, I'm Fidz from BSB. I joined SCB a week after i got my swift last year, October 2011. Here's a picture of my black ZC82S. Looking forward to know all of you.
by Sam31S • | | 2 comments
Salam and good day I am newbie here,please teach me about cars that i don't know about Cheers
by Nureen • | | 0 comments
Hi I'm Nureen Ezan, from Tutong. I joined Swift Club in 2009 when I first got my car and driving license.
by SamXero • | | 1 comment
Here is one of the most common problem Brunei Swifters are having. The warning comes up even if you didn't change anything in the engine bay. In time the car itself tend to shake during idle and sometimes the engine cuts off (even auto trans). Some say O2 Sensor, Ignition Coils, Spark Plug. more
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